The Written Word

First and foremost, David 2 is a writer.

Starting out as a weekly columnist for “The Kingstonian” newspaper in New Hampshire, David 2 continued work with occasional writing stints for “The Crier”, the student-run newspaper at Saint Anselm College.

Eventually David embraced his writing skills, making his first national debut in the August 1993 issue of “Inside Karate Magazine”, with his simple article on martial arts advice from online circles taking the centerfold article.  His first for-profit writing position was with the short-lived science-fiction subscription newspaper service called “The Galaxy Sun”, contributing to its limited-run of news articles from the future.

The political crusades of the mid-90’s drove David towards focusing on social and political issues, and on April 1st, 1996, he launched his first website and his first weekly article.

The List Of Articles:

“Brutally Honest” – Weekly online column by David 2.

“Brutally Honest Blog Site” – An infrequent blog site focusing on quick thoughts and links.

“Brutally Tech – An infrequent column site focusing on technology.

“Hero Corner” – Dedicated to all things “heroic”.

“American Heathen®” – David 2 occasionally offers some thoughts on religion.


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