There is much that David 2 is busy with, from Internet Radio to YouTube Videos to even comic books.

Internet Radio:

David 2 began working with Internet Radio in 1999, when he was asked by the owner/operator of if he would be willing to bring his online columns to the audio.  “Brutally Honest -LIVE!” soon made its debut, starting with a thirty-minute show and then expanding to a full-hour.  The show focused on mostly social and political subjects.

Not long after, David launched a second show on the Talk Liberty network called “The Liberty Free-For-All”, which was two hours of ad-lib news and music.

Both programs, however, ended when lost its broadcasting capabilities.

After Talk Liberty, David continued to provide special audio segments through his website, years before anyone would ever begin referring to them as “podcasts”.

Eventually David began listening to other Internet radio stations, including  During that time, one weekend show called “American Heathen®” began to get his attention.  Simulcast on both Freethought Radio and ShockNet Radio, the show’s host, RJ Evans, offered David a position on that show as the “News Pundit”, providing news stories with a slightly libertarian slant.

In 2008, “Brutally Honest on ShockNet Radio” was launched on ShockNet Radio.  Much like his previous show, it began with a half-hour broadcast, but then eventually expanded to a full hour.  In addition, David began working as the co-host of a re-formatted  “American Heathen®” broadcast, providing a more moderate counterpoint to RJ’s religious views.

David continued to work on ShockNet Radio on both programs, in addition to providing public service announcements and promotional segments.

In 2013, “Brutally Honest on ShockNet Radio” was transformed into the resurrected “Brutally Honest – LIVE”, an hour-long live Internet radio show that included an interactive chat room and a toll-free 800-number for callers.

Sadly, this would be the last incarnation of the radio show as ShockNet Radio was shut down on November 29th, 2013.

As with the previous incarnation of the radio show, though, the program will continue in spirit starting in January of 2014 with weekly audio segments.

In addition, David 2 will continue as “David2.1” in the monthly webseries “AHTV”, which makes its debut on December 25th on BlipTV and YouTube.

Fan-Made Comic Series*:

One of David’s hobbies is online gaming, and as a long-time fan of superhero comic books, it should be no surprise that he would gravitate to the hero-based online role-playing games.  At first this was the City of Heroes MMO, but circumstances forced him to look at other online role-playing games.

Not long after he started with City of Heroes, he began to incorporate some of his characters into written stories.  He also became aware of the incredible fan-made art that other artists were displaying, including fan-made comic book covers, online comic books, and even fan-made videos.

After creating a few fan-made comic book covers, a viewer commented that he would love to see the actual comic book.   Although there were no plans to do so, David took that comment as the inspiration to eventually follow through with several comic books.

The first was a video-comic series called “Ask Captain Catastrophe”.  It was a comical series done in photo-album-style featuring a clumsy hero named “Captain Catastrophe” doing public-service videos to help other heroes in the fictional Paragon City.  This series is still available on YouTube.

The second project was an actual online comic series called “Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight”.  Each issue focused on one character, usually a member of the “Guardians of the Dawn” hero team, but sometimes villains were highlighted.  Eventually storylines were developed as more effort went into the comics themselves.  The series ended with Issue #28 when David was forced to abandon the MMO briefly.

The third project was an infrequent series called “Tales from Paragon City”.  Much like “Spotlight”, “Tales” would focus on the life and times of a character in the City of Heroes MMO multiverse.  Unlike “Spotlight”, the characters shown in this series would not be connected to the regular series.

The fourth project was a series called “The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future”.  Unlike the other comic series, this one take a character seen briefly in the “Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight” series and transplants her into the MMO world of Champions Online.  The series was suspended when David was able to return to the City of Heroes MMO, but made a brief return in December of 2012 to transition into the next venture in the world of Champions Online.

The fifth project is a series called “The Guardian Powers”.  Following from the “Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight” series and a one-shot special called “Guardians of the Dawn AFTERMATH”, the series focuses on a select group of heroes from the “Guardians of the Dawn” hero team and their struggles to continue after a disaster strikes both the team and the city.  The series will end with the ending of the City of Heroes MMO at the end of November 2012.

In addition to his work with these series, David is also involved in the City of Comic Creators, a group of comic artists that help other artists develop their talents and improve on their productions.  He has served as both contributing creator and as cover artist for the “City of Comic Creators Compendium” series as well as designed several content-appropriate ads for use in fan-made comics.

The sixth project is a follow-up to “The Lost Adventures of Galatea Future” called “Future’s Guardian”.  The series, which launched in February of 2013, continues one year after the end of LAGF, with Galatea Future getting a new look, a new identity, a new team, and a new direction.

In addition, there is a rumor of one other project that David 2 is working on.

* Battlerock Comics – fan-made online comic series.

* Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight – fan-made online comic series focusing mostly on “Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight” and “The Guardian Powers”.

* Ask Captain Catastrophe – YouTube video comic series.

(This page is still a Work in Progress. Please check back for updates)

[* Notice: all “fan-made” productions are not-for-profit works done with the implied approval of the original owners of the  intellectual property as allowed under Fair Use.  No money can be made for said productions without explicit approval of the original owners.  City of Heroes MMO is owned by NC Soft.  Champions Online MMO is owned by Perfect World.]

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